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Serena was educated at home by her mother, a former stage manager and actress, whilst her father, a graduate from the Royal College of Art encouraged her progress.       

Her style is unique and difficult to categorise. However, it is generally accepted that it falls into the naive/primitive style.

She is a member of the Association of British Naive Artists.

The collection of paintings have come to be called 'The Salad Days.' 

Serena is known as the "Happy Lowry!”

Serena is a popular Cornish artist who lives and works in Padstow, a small fishing town on the North Cornwall coast. 


From an early age she developed a great love of drawing little houses and people and was incomplete without felt tip, biro and sketchpad.

Her artwork evokes happy memories of holidays, especially in Cornwall.


There is always something new to find in her paintings, which are always lovingly splashed with her fun sense of humour.

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